He must of thought I was full of sh*t

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He must of thought I was full of sh*t

Post by Plantjuk » Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:39 pm

So the Mrs uses the M13i as our daily driver while I'm in the works van. Anyway this morning I'm working not far from home and the Mrs had been in nights, I finished my first job and rang her to see where she was and maybe meet up with her and give her a smooch. She was just round the corner in Sainsbury's so I popped over for 5. She then goes into Sainsbury's and I had noticed a nice M140i parked opposite. I'd just jumped in the van and saw a guy walking past having a real good stare at the back of my car as he walked over to the M140i so I shout over that the exhaust tips are the BMS ones and he comes over. I jumped out the van and we had a bit of a chat but I bet he thought that's not my car cos I was in the van and just wanted to look like I own one :lol: a bit like when joey from friends pretended he had a Porsche!
M135i LCI, mineral grey, auto, bus nav, power folding mirrors, heated seats, coral red leather and front & rear pdc, performance grills, BMS exhaust tips, enhanced Bluetooth, office function and 8.8" screen coded via bimmercode app.

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Re: He must of thought I was full of sh*t

Post by AndytheGreek » Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:49 pm

2017 M2

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