Change of professional head unit

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Change of professional head unit

Post by zony » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:08 pm

Hi All

Recently purchased my 118d 2010 Msport. Head unit was a professional Bluetooth one. When I paired in my iPhone all was wonderful. But I wanted more, DAB, USB.

So I bought a new used head unit with DAB USB and BT. Finally got DAB working Bluetooth now works one way. Caller cannot here me. As if no microphone, but it was OK before. USB also not working, probably needs coding. Anyone friendly in the North Wales area who could help out for a few beers. I am out of my depth on that one. Stick on DAB aerial works well but eventually would like to combine it with the roof aerial. Its nice to have 6 music back in my car. Now all I need is USB but the radio has a no show on that, just gives radio, DAB, CD and AUX as options when you press Audio button.

Looking for help. If anyone can code or take me through it step by step as I have a cable shack, cable with a D and K bus switch. Seems to work up to a point but I really don't know what to do and don't want to bugger things up.

If it helps original HU was 6512 9231928-01 but without a BT logo on it. But it definitely worked. Just a quad connector and aerial. (Black fakra)

New one is 6512 9258176-01 with BT logo. Pairs up but microphone appears not to work extra white socket (for USB I think) on rear plus black yellow and curry coloured fakra plugs.

Help if anyone lives close.

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