DPF Gasket & Clamp

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Manufactured from 2004 to 2011

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DPF Gasket & Clamp

Post by Conor118dmsport » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:24 pm


Had quite a few problems with my car recently and as such Im thinking of parting with it. I had to have my dpf changed as its wasnt doing a regen and thus caused quite a bit of pressure in the dpf and blew a whole in the bottom of the dpf. Anyway ive had the filter changed and the guy never changed to gasket or clamp so my question is, does anyone know how to do this or have done this and can point me in the right direction?, ive bought the parts from bmw and ita a clamp with what they call a metal shim? Instead of a gasket.

Any help will be much appreciated and this is causing alot of fumes in the cab and becoming difficult to drive now.

Thanks in advance


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