brother picked up a new car...

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brother picked up a new car...

Post by talal » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:37 pm

hi guys

went to go see my brother in manchester over the weekend and he had picked upa new car so thoght id share..

So he used to drive a 330i ci vert, the not sure of the numbering on the vert but the e46 BMW shape is by far my favourite BMW shape of all time (maybe the 2002) so thats coming to the end of its life - apparently a hole in the exhaust manifold and and 130k miles so the garage doesnt seem to think its worth saving...

Anyway - he has replaced it with a 2005 6 series... a 650i... i was really sceptical about about the old 6er, looks are ok but seemed just very very heavy and his is a vert too...

SO saw it this weekend and went for a little drive - feck me it makes one hell of sound... it growls big time on start up and any kind of throttle, seriously epic sounding...

took it for a drive and it does seem heavy but the engine is so powerful it really only needs a slight feather to the throttle to keep it tiocking over and any hard press on the pedal and it shoves forward - its like the 130i i used to have but multiplied by 10 in terms of throttle response...

had a open run in it and drove it in sport mode and its fast, really fast but at the end of it, my brother asked me whether i thought it was quicker than my 440i and i really couldn't answer, they deliver the power so differently so i really dont know - i suspect there isn't anything in it at all...

he bought it for 10k its got 50k on the clock and if i am honest its lovely - a bit dated inside but still very plush and my lasting impression is that its hell of a lot of car for the money and in particular a great engine for the money!

anyone else had one, views on good idea or a 15k repair bill waiting to happen (which was my initial thought!)

also, id be annoyed if it was quicker than my 440i so what are my tuning options to make sure its not!?
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