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E82 Aerial and DAB Aerial Questions

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:30 pm
by steve1477
Ive had my E82 for nearly 2 years now and love the car.

Firstly I noticed that listening to Radio 1 the reception was always poor compared to my old cars, is this usually the case? Where is the Aerial on the E82? Could the Antenna amplifier be faulty? The car has Pro Sat Nav HK sound system and Phone prep so has a Shark fin.

Secondly, to combat the signal problem I purchased an Autodab The signal on that is ok but not 100% As the aerial runs through the Autodab the original FM is useless, picks up hardly anything. I know I can listen to DAB but I miss traffic info on normal FM.

Thirdly, The Autodab has the horrible windscreen Antenna. I noticed on the BMW look up we use at work that there are a choice of 2 roof antenna's, see photo below. Can I get the DAB version antenna and get rid of the horrible windscreen mount?