Cost of Motech springs + Other info

Motech is a well established and trusted performance tuner. They provide remaps for all modern BMWs and currently are the preferred supplier for performance software to many Audi/VW main dealers! In addition to remaps they offer other performance products like Scorpion exhausts + more...

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Cost of Motech springs + Other info

Post by motechmike » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:37 am

Just wanted to let you all know what the Motech Springs cost more than the Eibach Pro kit..

In short its all cost on how many are made at a time.. There made for us and us only, Eibach make 50 at a time for us and thet take about 8-9 weeks..
There pro kit is cheaper as they wull make a lot more then 50. If we every get to a point of placing an order for 200-300 the cost will come down ( we dare trying )

The drop is -25mm front and -20mm rear
There stock pro kit is -20mm front and 10mm rear.

Last thing they work fine on cars with adpitve shocks , and x drive cars too..

For any more info just ask

Thanks Mike
Motech / Eibach springs back in stock.. !

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Re: Cost of Motech springs + Other info

Post by Element » Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:29 pm

How about putting out some feelers for international orders if you'd like to order a bigger batch from Eibach?

I'd certainly be interested. :D
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