New tyres required

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New tyres required

Post by RogerF » Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:21 pm

Hi guys

Car has just passed its MOT with an advisory on one tyre being at 3mm left, checking the others they all look pretty worn.
Currently on Pirelli P-Zero run flats, 225/40R18 88Y on the front and 245/35R18 88Y on the rear, these were on the car when I took ownership. Done ~13,000 miles on them Since December, is this reasonable, mainly motorway commutes 150 miles twice a week then lots of roundabouts during the weekdays (Milton Keynes).

Any recommendations, possibly sticking with run flats, I haven't found them uncomfortable or anything, or would switching give a better lifetime/mileage ?


Update, on checking service logs, 6mm all round at 48k miles December last year, 5mm front, 4mm rear at 57.5k miles in May/June this year, now 3mm on rear at 61k miles. Perhaps it isn't too bad after all, how much tread is there on new tyres, can't say I've ever looked :roll:
'63 plate 125d M Sport

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