2-Series Winter Wheels, Tyres & Chains Guide v2

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2-Series Winter Wheels, Tyres & Chains Guide v2

Post by babybmwadmin » Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:48 pm

The linked document was kindly written by msej449.

A Guide to Winter Wheels, Tyres and Chains For 2 Series Owners (ver 2)

Originally the document was typed out here, but it is now available to download here (10Mb PDF).

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Re: 2-Series Winter Wheels, Tyres & Chains Guide v2

Post by msej449 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 4:57 pm

Quick addendum re chains: I can't stress strongly enough the value of trying to fit your chains at home first, before you need to use them in anger. Quite a few chain designs need/benefit from some adjustments to get the circumference just right for your specific setup. They may say they fit an xxx/yy-zz tyre, but this doesn't mean that they'll fit your wheels perfectly out of the box. Even if not essential, they may fit better after adding/adjusting the links.

I was ill before we came down to the Alps this week, so I didn't have time to try out my new chains as I intended. Fortunately, I didn't need them until today, and I had time to test-fit them in a lit and warm underground garage first. It took about an hour to adjust the two chains to the correct circumference. This involved re-setting some of the links (hard to describe in words) to increase the overall length a bit. It was made a lot easier by having a spare tyre handy which I could lay flat and then check the chain fitting. It would have taken a bit longer to have done so on the fitted tyres.

When I went back to the instructions, I can see now that the 'try them out first' recommendation wasn't just general advice - it was there, with some link adjustment details, because the odds are that you'd need to spend some time resetting the links. For the chains I have, it's clear they come out of the box with the minimum circumference, so the odds are that unless you're on the smallest tyre size they fit, you'll have to do some lengthening.

And I'm also glad I took my own advice and had a small piece of carpet to kneel on!
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