118D Sport 2009 Remap (Remapper reference?)

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118D Sport 2009 Remap (Remapper reference?)

Post by GrizzlyP » Thu May 17, 2018 7:26 pm

Hi all,

recently purchased my other half a BMW 118D (E81) Sport 2009. The car is in good condition for it's age, has a full service history and currently sits at 114k on the miles.

I've been considering having a remap done for her (mainly for my own enjoyment :D ) but thought I would post here before committing. Advice posted here will determine if I go through with the remap.

I'm sure you guys get half a dozen of the same questions per week, but is the remap worth it given the cars mileage? I don't want to think that the turbo will be KO'd in 3 months or something disastrous goes wrong elsewhere.

I'm looking at having the remap done at Dynoremaps in Middlesbrough/Stockton in the North East of England, could anybody advise if it's a reputable mapper?

Apologies if this thread has been covered a gazillion and one times, my mechanical knowledge of motor vehicles is next to none and I'd rather double check with the experts on here before jumping in to a pit of proverbial sh*t.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

best regards,


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