120d Xdrive judder

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Re: 120d Xdrive judder

Post by biggalot » Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:33 am

edbutler wrote:
Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:32 am
Yes it may be worth a sticky; ill try to get more conclusive info. I've just had a new set of 4 Eagle F1's fitted, thinking the problem would resolve itself (as they have equal wear, so closer circumference ~1.2% on the stock 18's), but it got far worse! The car was constantly jolting - this is partly eased by enabling Dynamic DSC. My car was "Single Lady Owner" :lol: for its first 39,000 miles and the front tyre shoulders were heavily worn, so that suggests the tyre pressures were rarely checked so my actuator is probably knackered. :roll:

Its really unfortunate that the wheels aren't an 8J rim, as we could then fit 255/35 tyres and it'd be a perfect circumference match! My car behaved faultlessly when i put a set of equally worn 16" winter wheels/tyres on.

Im not bad with car maintenance, so i just managed to bag a 2nd hand XDrive Actuator on eBay for bargain price of £130. I think BMW try to charge ~£800!? Im going to rip it apart and hopefully recondition it with new gearing and will take photos to post along the way. I can then hot-swap them and hopefully sell on to another owner having the same issue.
edbutler, Interested to know if swapping out the actuator motor cured your judder/jolting under acceleration. I have a similar issue on my 64 plate 120d xdrive. Presented a hefty judder when i test drove it prior to purchase, dealer put 4 new star rated tyres on and seemed ok on second test run so went ahead with purchase. After a couple of days it was apparent problem was still there but just not as bad or as frequent. Feels like a mis-fire or a traction problem but car pulls like a train and traction light does not come on (even judders when traction is off). As its slightly intermittent now, feeling reluctant to take to the dealers (under warranty) just to be told 'we could'nt replicate the fault'.

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Re: 120d Xdrive judder

Post by mitford » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:20 am

Kind of wished I had got the 125d now after reading this. It was to late to change by the time I found out. I was planing on keeping the car originally but in 2 years time when I’m 3 years into my agreement I think I will chop it in
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Re: 120d Xdrive judder

Post by Mooeeey » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:09 pm

Why are BMW fitting staggered wheels/tyres to x-drive models if it's going to cause problems like this? Seems a massive oversight :S
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