iPhone Battery Replacement Programme

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iPhone Battery Replacement Programme

Post by ihadablackdog » Sat May 12, 2018 8:07 pm

So we went into the Apple Store today and asked about the battery replacement programme for iPhones.

He said we needed a genius bar appointment for diagnostics, then, if needed, they replace the battery for £25 (think it was £25, might of been £20).

I thought they would do it at the reduced price regardless of what the diagnostics say? Is there a link somewhere to the terms?

My phone did the re-start thing yesterday and now shows 95% capacity and performance management is now active.

Debs still shows 100% (and performance management is not enabled) but the phone is just as old (both are vintage iPhone 6).

We'd like to get both batteries replaced, so have booked two genius bar appointments for next sat (9.30 and 9.50) cos they said they can then probably do it within 2hrs, so hopefully get it done same day.

Watchdog says they are using any fault with the phone as an excuse to charge to repair the fault before they will do the battery. My "mute" switch doesn't "click" into the mute position, and easily flips back to un-mute (where is does click into position). This wouldn't be a problem would it?

Has anyone had it done and is the offer still valid even if phone says battery is ok?
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