Newbie problems

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Newbie problems

Post by fez_7 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:35 pm

So my cable finally arrived however typically I have run into 2 immediate issues before I can even begin coding.

1. I don’t know if my cable is connected properly or is working properly. When I plug it into the car it does wobble to the side a bit and there’s no noises made by the car to recognise it’s been plugged in. On my laptop the LAN shows as an unidentified network so I don’t know if the cable is faulty or the OBD port is faulty or whether I’m just doing something wrong.

2. Despite the above I tried opening eSys anyway on the VM player. I ensured the date and time was not synced and set it to 1/1/17 12:30am but when I then opened eSys it still failed and detected that the date and time is being manipulated.

Should I get a new cable? Is eSys still working for everyone?

The coding options I want to add are:
Cornering lights
Digital speedo
Horn on lock/unlock
Sports display
Cruise Control (once I buy the steering wheel control)
And I’m replacing HU_ENTRY with HU_ENTRYNAV to get navigation and EBT working so will need to code this too.

I’m aware these can be done remotely however I would prefer to accomplish them myself and save on costs.

If I can’t do it through my cable or eSys, is there another way I could do all of these? I’ve heard about some apps I can use on my phone instead like bimmercode for example but would I have the capability to do all of the above?

Any advice or help would be appreciated as right now I feel like an idiot for thinking it would all be straightforward plus I’ve already bought most of the hardware!

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Re: Newbie problems

Post by Wibbles » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:38 am

The unidentified network is correct - the ZGW on the car dishes out APIPA addresses but initially you will see a generic APIPA addess that windows assigns as there is no DHCP present.

Without remoting in and looking I could not tell you what the issue is with your setup. Are you using the latest version of the Premium Launcher? tokenmaster recently updated to v2.8 which aleviates the date issue for the time being.

I understand you want to save money but you are possibly going to cause issues with your car for the sake of a few pounds well spent on some remote coding or getting some help from another forum member.

Hope you get it sorted.
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