LCI details

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LCI details

Post by ellingtj » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:18 pm

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Re: LCI details

Post by chr1s » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:46 pm

And the good news is that I don't feel that my 2017 F45 is missing out on any of the changes on the facelift.

I don't like the new non-MSport apron - it looks like there is something missing.
And I don't like the semi-hexagonal DRLs - the twin circular headlamps are BMW characteristics, and the DRLs detract from this.
Undecided about the bigger grille.
(I'm ignoring the options, because I'm a cheapskate and they're more functional than styling changes so difficult to assess on photos).
I can't comment on the engine changes, because they are not explained in detail.
I can't pick out what's different about the instrument display - certainly nothing ground-breaking, unless you can now see the whole display through the steering wheel without moving your head up/down.
I'm happy with my 16" wheels and basic seat fabric.

Maybe I'm easily pleased, but it looks like they've tweaked a few things for the sake of the facelift, because they felt they needed to do more than just engine improvements.

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Re: LCI details

Post by psactivetourer » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:02 am

I agree with all you write.

But the biggest change the article reveals, is the arrival in the BMW AT, as forecast recently by Honest John, of a 7-speed dual-clutch autobox to replace the ever reliable 6 speed torque converter box. Is it wet clutch or dry clutch? Time will tell

The Honest John news article that went out around Christmas time said that BMW are or were about to fit this autobox first in some MINI models and urged those about to buy an auto MINI to get in quick whilst the 6-speed box is still available.

The reason is, of course, the disastrous history of the VW/Audi-group DSG autobox in its various guises (wet, dry, wrong fluid etc) and for those buying a VAG car the DSG box remains a no-no.

It will be interesting to see if BMW declare that the new box needs no servicing over its (short?) life. Will it be fitted in the forthcoming X2 I wonder.

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Re: LCI details

Post by psquared » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:12 pm

I too do not feel that the LC1 changes give me any urge to change my 2016 220i AT. I have been driving autos for about 25 years and am very happy with the 8spd autobox. Though it is no doubt a factor in my relatively poor fuel consumption, I am sure that the amount of short journeys I do is more significant.

If I were looking to change, the DCT box would not however put me off. I have had two Golfs with DCT and that technology has been widely adopted across the motor industry. I know Honest John doesn't rate them and certainly VAG had problems with some of the earlier versions but I am not aware of any evidence that there is still a widespread problem. I did have a “bombproof” Toyota which had a couple of issues with the conventional autobox and then at 25K miles total failure needing a complete new transmission at a cost in excess of £3K, fortunately at Toyota's expense not mine. I also had another so called “bombproof” car, a Honda Civic with semi-automatic gearbox. That cost Honda in excess of £1k when the hydraulic actuator failed

Overall, I am very happy with the AT which meets my needs for both local and long distance journeys. I (arguably) overspecced it to suit me as I do like my toys, especially the head-up display which I would not now wish to be without. The one thing that I really do not like is the restricted front vision caused by the forward part of the front windows which have those thick plastic internal trims. There were comments in the reviews about forward visibility but it seemed alright when I test drove one. In practice however they definitely cause a real blind spot to the off side in certain situations and also mean the the door mirrors are positioned too far back. May not be an issue if you are tall enough to have the seat very well back.

It does not look to be any different in the LC1 and I think that issue would put me off buying another AT.

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