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Bluespark Automotive provide plug and play performance tuning solutions for Turbocharged Petrol and Diesel vehicles. We cover most BMW models and get great results from them. We are a UK company based just south of Newcastle Upon Tyne, where you are always welcome to call in for a chat.

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Re: Bluespark Tuning Box

Post by unrealvirusuk »

I have fitted a bluespark tuning box to my 2013 PWG 135i today and like a few have said it feels very lumpy the car feels loads better in its stock form. What can I do to stop this? Thanks

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Re: Bluespark Tuning Box

Post by eddbluespark »

The best thing you can do is call us and I or one of the team will be able to help you out. We do check the forums now and then but its only by blind luck that I saw this today.

This kind of thing is normally pretty easily resolvable. Our number is 0191 385 9005. Just give us a ring in the morning.

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Re: Bluespark Tuning Box

Post by MrWhitehouseM140i »

Just ordered my BS box for my 67Plate M140i Shadow Edition. I can’t wait to fit it and see the results for myself. It’s certainly been interesting to read this feed. All in all, feedback seems very positive.

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