Two Valve Rims.

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Two Valve Rims.

Post by GarnZ » Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:49 am

I saw a late model Honda (hatch-back I think?).
It had two valves on each wheel.
The positioning of the valves were not opposite on the rim, but rather side by side (say 6" apart).
According to Honda they must have been some type of after-market rims.
I further "Googled" and found some answers that were not satisfactory for my tiny brain!

One said it was for purging the Air from the tyre whilst replacing with more popular nitrogen.
Another was to create a vacuum in one valve stem whilst filling the other with, again, nitrogen.
Still further, another reason for the two valve system, was given "one was for manual adjusting pressure
and the other for a VTMS (Valve Tyre Monitoring System)".

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