Possible clutch replacement at 55k miles

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Possible clutch replacement at 55k miles

Post by math0050 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:00 pm

Just recently my 120D has started started giving a vibration though the clutch pedal that increases as the revs increase, both when the car is parked or moving (changing gear).

if the revs are below roughly 2-2.5k there doesn't appear to be any vibration but over 2.5k there is a noticeable vibration that increases as the revs increase.

I stoped by a local garage that i trust earlier today and the mechanic sat in the car reved it and told me almost instantly its either the clutch or the flywheel.
as this can be a costly repair i thought i would check here to see if anyone had a similar problem or experience as the car is currently just under 56K miles. my last golf lasted up to about 130k miles before the clutch needed replacing.

i have noticed the common clutch judder occasionally in the morning going to work in the past, could this have contributed the problem?

E82 120d Montego blue

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