Need Help with Error Code: 009cf9 DWA-LED Defective

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Need Help with Error Code: 009cf9 DWA-LED Defective

Post by Bunford » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:41 pm

I have recently changed the headliner in my car but was careful not to be rough with the rear view mirror unit, or any other part of the car. I also upgraded the dashboard from a pre LCI to a M Sport LCI one. Now I have a headache that I am in need of some advice on.

Neither of my two keys now work to remote lock and unlock the car and the red LED in the dome under the rear view mirror no longer flashes. I can unlock manually with the key in the driver door and central locking works fine and the car recognises my key to start the engine etc.

I have taken the car to a AVW Bosch specialist BMW garage and think I was partly fobbed off and partly conned. They tested both keys and they have a handheld receiver that confirmed receipt of the key signal fine. They also teated the key re-sync procedures of holding lock and pressing unock 3 times etc. They claimed the antenna to receive the key signal was in the aerial though, and i have since been advised it may actual bey in the tear view mirror.

My problem is:

1. What could potentilly cause this error?

2. Are there any troubleshooting steps recommended?

3. Does anyone have any suggested fixes or ways to pursue a fix before taking it to any professionals?

4. What would forum members recommend me doing, for example, what would you do if this happened to your car?
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