118d problem.. Maybe injector leak.. please help/advise if possible..

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118d problem.. Maybe injector leak.. please help/advise if possible..

Post by Squibbles » Fri Apr 06, 2018 10:40 pm


I am new to the forum and a little mechanically minded but have a problem which google cant seem to solve so have come here.

Ill try explain the problem accurately.

Have a 118d 2010 which has been sitting on the drive since we bought a new car (hoping to sell the BMW). Used to turn it over weekly but when the beast from the east weather hit.. I turned it over and saw the injector clamp was broken. Dont know how - it was just sitting on the drive in the cold weather...

Ordered another one and replaced it today.. All okay with the replacement but cudnt get the car started. Phoned a mechanic friend who advised that their might be air in the system so uncrank the 19mm nut on the injector that had the clamp broken (number 1) till diesel comes through and recrank the car. Recranked it and the car started fine! Great I thought...BUT.. there was diesel under injector 1 that was 'bubbling'.

Same mechanic then advised via video call that the injector needs to be sealed on the top so advised to get some RTV Silicone Sealant and seal the top end (fat end)... So I took the injector out after unclipping it and removing the pipes etc - it came out in my hand okay.. wiped it down and put some silicone on the top end. The copper washer on the bottom was black.. I didnt notice if it was broken or not but I did nothing to that washer it was on the injector as it lifted out.
Long story short... after applying the sealant I put it all back together and tried to start the car again.. No joy! The car wont start but the injector hisses quite loud.

Engine cranks over fine and carries on cranking. Tried to do the 19mm trick again by unfastening the nut and letting diesel come through but doesnt seem to be working.

Wondered if someone could enlighten me what the problem is and how to fix it and get the car started??

Need to fix this ..


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