CCC iPhone USB Connection Problems

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CCC iPhone USB Connection Problems

Post by iFlip92 » Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:52 pm

I have the iDrive CCC unit in a 135i from 2008 and was wondering if others have the same problems as me and if there are solutions. I'll try to keep it short. 5 times out of 10 or more, when I connect my iPhone 6S to the car via the USB slot using BMW Y-cable (Aux + USB) + legacy 30pin interface to Lightning adapter, the iDrive interface will misbehave. It either:

1. Pauses my music after 2-3 seconds, even if I resume it, it just keeps pausing by itself. After another couple of seconds it switches to the next audio source (40% occurrence). A good indicator of knowing when this will happen is that I hear my music playing but the timer on the iDrive for the song doesn't elapse. If switching audio sources manually, it does the same thing again. Re-plugging the phone back in doesn't fix it but restarting the car sometimes fixes it (but you spin the wheel of misbehaviour again).
2. Sometimes it will output a loud and high pitched noise besides any audio coming out of the phone (this also happens rarely while actually driving, all of a sudden) (5% occurrence). Re-plugging the phone back in fixes this.
3. Other times it will not be able to get the list of songs from my phone even though it sees the Playlists. (5% occurrence).
4. Sometimes the iDrive doesn't establish a connection with my iPhone properly and sees it just as an Aux Device but re-plugging it in seems to fix it. (2% occurrence).

I have the car since 2016 and AFAIK I went for a CID replacement under warranty in 2017 cos LCD was f*cked and it's all been Programmed/Encoded. Key reading says: Integration plant E89X-08-03-540 and I-Level HO E89X-16-11-500. I have entered the secret iDrive menu and have pictures of all the screens but don't know which one tells me the version of software which I have.

No.1 is by far the worst problem and would like it fixed!

I've tested these symptoms in numerous ways like plugging my phone in before I start the car, plugging the phone in after I turn just the ignition on, and plugging the phone in after I Start the engine. I haven't been able to find a consistent pattern yet but I haven't really keep track on paper...

PS: Is it possible to disconnect the Radio antenna so there's no other audio source for problem No.1 to not happen?
PS2: Don't even get me started on the shuffle function. It used to work but ever since some iOS updates ago, trying to use the "Random" function from iDrive completely loses track of the songs I'm playing and displays erroneous track info and sometimes stops playing my music all together until I re-plug my phone in.
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