New Guy seeks E88-N54 135i ECU/EML light advice?

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New Guy seeks E88-N54 135i ECU/EML light advice?

Post by bowny07 »

Hi all. New member, so it is my first day at 'school'!

Recently I purchased 2010 135i Convertible Car runs perfectly and looks like a million dollars. However last week on a cold start it threw the emissions light up (yellow engine symbol, NOT check engine warning). Thought the worst, however iI own a OBD scanner and cleared the light as I'm extremely vain.
Now the code/fault given was indeed emissions and 'rich mixture?? My intention was to whip it to garage, but in meantime I've covered 575 miles over 5 or 6 journeys and car performs as normal, no fault, no pending or permanent codes. I guess what I'm asking is, is it that the fault was non-exsistent and the car was wrong? Is this a known occurence or is the systems reputation 'bulletproof'?? i.e. the dealer is flicking through Monaco brochures for this years hols after he finds out I've a problem??

Just after others experiences with BMW ECU's and their reliability, as stated car has and is running as well as ever.

Sorry if long winded, I'm new. I'll catch on quick though if theres any advice concerning posts anyone has.

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