Tapatalk will be removed by January 1st 2017

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Tapatalk will be removed by January 1st 2017

Post by babybmwadmin » Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:36 pm

This is to give everyone forewarning and a decent heads up.
Integration with Tapatalk will be removed by year end.

Whilst it has proved somewhat useful in the past, over the last number of months it has been noticed by myself and the mods, an increasing number of "behind the scenes" issues that require a lot of our time.

These issues are out of scope of our control.
It has also been noted in the past that there have been issues with the integration.

The current version of the software running the website is built using responsive design. That is, the site will display correctly on any device.
Since this is standard, and there is no reliance on external companies, there won't be any issues.

Even though I personally use Tapatalk at times and have found it good, the overall maintenance of it outweighs the benefits.

Come end of year, integration will be removed.



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