2013 audi a5 battery issue

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2013 audi a5 battery issue

Post by greggsy07 »

Hi guys,

Looking for someone with some battery experience! Recently bought a 2013 audi a5 tdi for the wife and the see you home lights have been shut down by the battery management system. I think its its on original battery.

It's constantly sitting at 12-12.2v. It has been tested and cold cranking amps etc were fine so I charged it on a c-tek. Took it off when it was finished but within an hour, the battery had dipped again. Battery hits 14.5v when running so no alternator issues.

Initially I thought parasitic draw but all other systems are working ok and when running and it never drops below 12v.

Can a battery pass all the tests but still not quite hold the 12.6v it should?

Ultimately the car is going back to be looked at by the garages specialist but anything you think it could be outside of new battery being needed?
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