TT vs Giulietta QV

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TT vs Giulietta QV

Post by TALBOTL » Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:11 pm

A strange title I know given two completely different cars! To cut a long story short one of them needs buying on Saturday and I cannot make my mind up.

2010 TT 2.0 TFSI 208bhp
2010 Alfa Giulietta 235bhp

I like the TT as I've heard the engine is a cracker and fairly cheap to run given the performance, quite a few about that and I've never really liked the steering and feel of VAG products

Giulietta - my previous cars have been rare cars that you don't see many of I like to have something a bit different which is why I like the idea of the QV think I have only ever seen one, downsides are maybe not as polished as the TT and no real experience with the engine.

Would probably look to remap in the new year both go to approx 270bhp and 300ft lbs the TT is around 100kg lighter.

I will be driving both on Saturday but fear that thwy will be pretty similar and I won't be able to choose!

Does anybody have any experience of either?


2010 Space Grey '123d' - gone but not forgotten
2010 Audi TT TFSI - Sorry

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