2018 M5 dealer event.

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2018 M5 dealer event.

Post by WannabeaQuandt » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:58 pm

Attended this event at the weekend and got to see the new M5 up close.

Wasn't blown away by it as a static object, exterior looked too similar to a regular M sport with even worse wheels and the interior was fairly standard save for an overly fussy gear-lever and some awesome looking seats.

As part of the event they also handed you the keys to a selection of M cars which I did not refuse!

In order of preference;

M6 was the biggest disappointment. Way too big, quiet and numb feeling. Needed serious numbers showing before it felt 'fun'.

M760i was easily the quickest of the lot and sounded nice but again too big and interior not special enough for 150k plus..! Felt like a speedboat the way the bonnet reared up when accelerating hard. Rode nicely but you still felt bumps and imperfections so I still remain unconvinced by adaptive suspension.

M3 CP. Epic car. Just feels 'up for it' all the time and exterior looks awesome. Interior had just enough changes to feel special too, seats, dials and HUD in particular.
Traction issues under hard acceleration and bland engine note at high revs the only negatives but if I'd never have driven an E92 M3 (that sound..!) at a previous event it would of probably been my favourite of the day.

M2. Best car out of the lot for me but such a shame the interior is so plain. Even just a set of bespoke front seats would do it and it was a pre LCI which probably didn't help when directly compared to my SE 140. Regardless, it handled and rode perfectly for me and the engine sounded amazing. Exterior is just perfect too. So surprised how different and more focused it felt compared to my car.

My mk3 FRS owning friend came with me and we drove the M2 separately but came away equally impressed to the point he was talking figures on it by the end of the night!

Great day and I'd definitely recommend going if you've got an invite from your local dealer.
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