Past M235i

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Past M235i

Post by Dwaind » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:06 pm


I had a fully loaded 14 plate M235i, I loved it, the wife hated it, the ride really annoyed her. I had to pick her up from hospital, she requested the MX5, when I turned up in the 235 she was annoyed.

So I bought a 530d M Sport, what a car, fast, comfortable loads of mpg, but not even close to an M car.

Move on 2.5 years, 0% on real M cars. Now I am the proud owner of a M4. It’s like night and day to the M235i, the suspension is sooooo nice, even the other half likes it, until I put it into sport or sport+ mode.

I’m still running it in, however it seems a hell of a lot quicker than the 2 series. I know it’s a hell of a lot more expensive, but 0% makes a big difference to monthly costs.

Current - M4
Gone - 530d M Sport
Gone -Red M235i,
Toys - Triple Black R1200GS, Ducati 848

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