F20 M140i with HK audio upgrade options

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F20 M140i with HK audio upgrade options

Post by Timbartlett »

Hi guys hoping someone more knowledgeable in this area will be able to advise

I have a very very very basic knowledge in this area so help is definitely needed!

Basically i have a 67 M140i Shadow so obviously i have HK installed.
I have just bought the ETON B100W speakers to replace the front door speakers and tweeters -
(https://www.amazon.co.uk/ETON-B100W-2-W ... way&sr=8-1)

I have also just purchased a custom sub box to fit nicely in the boot -
(http://sklep.basser.pl/en/fit-box-enclo ... osure.html)

I dont want to go too mad but the HK imo is terrible (i intend to change rear speakers at some point with a plug and play replacement)

However, as i have a sub box coming id like to get it installed, Obviously i know im going to have to buy a 102 sub-woofer and suitable amp.

I have seen the following harness which i think will allow me to install an amp into my current wiring harness (https://technicpnp.com/product/hifi-676 ... arnessloc/)

am i right in thinking thats all i need? i assume i will also then loose the turd underseat woofers?

Please help if possible, thanks guys!

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Re: F20 M140i with HK audio upgrade options

Post by Dogpipebeard »

The HK has an amp in the boot I believe. You can 'upgrade' it, and the Eton speakers you bought are pretty good supposedly. I believe the plug n play AF Match UP7BMW amp/DSP is reckoned to be a good and easy upgrade by the folks over at mobilediyaudio. I have no direct experience of that setup though and no affiliation. Worth reading up on.
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