BMW Y Cable - Music/Media adapter for Apple IPhone (iPhone 7)

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BMW Y Cable - Music/Media adapter for Apple IPhone (iPhone 7)

Post by RDUKBMW » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:13 pm

Hi all,

New to the forum and this is my first post!

I've recently purchased an F20 62 Reg BMW 118D M SPORT, it has the basic iDrive / Media Set up (No NAV).

I've been having some problems using the iDrive controls to manage music from my iPhone 7 (No headphone jack - Only lightening port).
- I can connect my phone using the USB, which recognizes the phone but only Charges.
- I can connect it via Bluetooth but thats for telephone only.
- So, I'm currently using an AUX to headphone jack/lightening adapter which does allow me to play music but not manage (change songs etc) using the in car controls.

While searching for a solution I discovered the infamous Music/Media adapter for Apple IPhone: ... er_Welt-UK

I’ve spoken with a BMW parts adviser and they confirmed that it is compatible with the iPhone 7 but as the phone is newer then my cars software, it might cause compatibility issues. Plus it depends on what idrive system/packages the car has. Contacted my local BMW dealer to possibly go in and have it tested, still waiting on a response.

I have an iPhone 7 lightening dock with allows me to charge my phone and listen to music, I am going to test this today but I assume from some of the posts I've read, anything apple related wont work. Lightening dock: ... RM2ZM/A-UK

Sorry for the wall of text! My questions are....

1. Has any got an F20 1 series with the basic idrive package, an iPhone 7 and have successfully got the BMW Y Cable to work as expected for music, charging and allowing you to use the idrive controls?

2. Has anyone found a solution/workaround to this without using the Y Cable?

I'm sure there's been this post a few times, so if your aware of a similar question that has answer please link me to it.

Thanks for taking the time to read and help!


silas greenback
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Re: BMW Y Cable - Music/Media adapter for Apple IPhone (iPhone 7)

Post by silas greenback » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:05 pm


the Y cable only allows USB Charing and Analog audio, so will sound a bit naff

You need extended bluetooth (even if you connect via a lightening cable) to be able to control your Iphone via the iDrive

If you have a combox in the boot, you can have it coded to enable entended bluetooth, if you look at my posts, I pasted a link on a how to


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