Parrot Handsfree and parking sensors - Issue Solved

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Re: Parrot Handsfree and parking sensors - Issue Solved

Post by Theo » Thu Jul 26, 2018 5:27 pm

Hi all,

First post so please be kind!

This appears to be a bit of an old one, but I've had a good look around the interweb and couldn't come up with anything useful. I've recently purchased a 123d which I'm much enjoying so far. It has the Business CD radio, and I've fitted a parrot MKi9100 along with the UNIKA module so that I can control it using the buttons on the steering wheel. A bit laggy I'm finding, but it does the job. The problem I'm having however is that my parking sensors only work when the Parrot system is not in use. Bit of a pain. I understand the reasons why, and I'm wondering if anyone has managed to come up with a working solution? Some of the cables feeding into the radio must be for the parking sensors, so I'm thinking that it must be possible to either reroute them or better yet, to rewire so that the cables go into both the radio and the parrot. Question is, does anyone happen to know which of the wires are for the parking sensors? Any thoughts / assistance welcome.


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