The quest to fix my rattle

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The quest to fix my rattle

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Everyone has heard about my rattle now.. that I’ve been putting up with since I’ve got the car.

Well. My dad has a double garage and pit… he didn’t think there was a problem originally and though I was doing my usual moan and nothing was really wrong.

He gets like that sometimes, . Never believes’s in my head. I’m obsessive. . All that sh*t…anyway, that was until the other day when he went for a drive to show him the remap and diff.

It was doing it all the time. Seems to do it more in hot weather.. coming from somewhere near the front. Happens over sharp broken roads. Not big bumps/ pot holes. And he has finally admitted it needs sorting.

So on Saturday we are going under the car and removing things and driving until it stops making the noise.

Previous owner informed me of a new gear box under warranty and it may have started since then it a shot time after… could be heat shields, gear box mount loose or something in that area.

Either way. We aren’t stopping till we have found it so watch this space..

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