M140i Exhaust Upgrade HELP - BCS, ER or Akrapovic Midpipe

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M140i Exhaust Upgrade HELP - BCS, ER or Akrapovic Midpipe

Post by RooRoo » Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:46 pm

Currently have an m140i with an MPE exhaust.

Whilst I like the sound, looking for something with a bit more drama and noise. So seen as I've bought the MPE I've been looking into mid pipes as an upgrade.

Prices vary a lot, from BCS to ER to Akrapovic which is what I understand to be the gold standard (at 3X the price too!)

I wouldn't mind someone educating me on all of this as I am a self - confessed amateur and know little about mechanics.

I do want to install something that is MOT compliant, therefore am I right in thinking that de - cats are a complete no in that case?

I thought replacing a mid - pipe alone shouldn't really matter but I note the Akrapovic mid - pipes come with a sports cat (whereas others are just midpipes). All of which is making this a little confusing.

Any wisdom and help would be appreciated. :oops: :oops:

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