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M4 TS m135i

Post by Trojantrow »

Ok so don’t flame me. I know this M4 LCA thing has been done to death but there is a reason for this post.

I can’t remember where I saw it but someone was having a discussion on here regarding the extra feel in steering and better handling from M4 LCA.

I want to use the TS to put the wheel back in the central position. Because of looks and because I want to run b12 setup.

But there was a discussion and someone said the castor would then be not as good if fitting M4 TS and the steering feel would suffer.

But then someone came along and said the reduction in castor is minimal and you can’t tell.

I’m wanting to know what is the definitive answer.. has anyone fitted TS after LCA and noticed any improvement or anything worse?

And will it be too low at the front with b12 kit and LCA alone. Was hopi g the TS would bring it back up to normal levels?

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