Vehicle MOT History - BETA Service - pros + cons

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Vehicle MOT History - BETA Service - pros + cons

Post by jaynemc » Thu Nov 12, 2015 7:46 pm

The Government bless them in their wisdom have just made it even easier for us to check the MOT history of any vehicle.

They've just launched a new BETA version of their web site. On the old site you had to not only enter the vehicle reg number but also either the Document Ref Number from the V5 or the MOT Test Number from an MOT Certificate. All a bit of a pain asking for these numbers over the phone from a seller who hasn't got a clue about them. Now all you need is the vehicle registration number.

That's the positive. For me there are some negatives to this new BETA service - it has taken a step backwards as the following data is now no longer available 1) You can no longer see where the MOT was undertaken 2) The mileage at the time of the MOT is not given for MOT's before 2012 3) Details of registration plate transfers are not given.

I have reported my comments to - well they were asking for feedback on the service.

Still its better than nothing I suppose so don't forget to use it. :spotman:
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