Initial m240i thoughts.

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Jon P
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Initial m240i thoughts.

Post by Jon P »

So having spent an age trying to spec my car and then waiting to then get it on an 18 plate I finally got my new car last weekend. I thought it was worth sharing my initial impressions.
Having switched from a manual 120d xdrive to a automatic mlite the drive train is obviously the biggest difference but I’ll come back to that.
My spec includes folding mirrors, adaptive suspension, advanced audio and a sunroof. Of all these options my favourite is the sunroof. It’s something I missed from my last car and am delighted to have back. Yes it’s expensive for a whole in the roof but it adds light and I love having it tipped open allowing a bit of air and noise in. Adaptive suspension you can feel a difference between either setting although I’m being careful on break in so not pushing the car at all yet. I’m looking forward pushing this and getting used to the differences.
Advanced audio is indeed a decent step up from the standard audio I had before. Well worth the up grade in my option. Added breadth to the sound stage.
All these things are good additions but it’s the drive train that is already really impressing. The auto box is already a joy to drive. Smooth,fast yet still controllable while the amount of power and torque from the engine even during run in is amazing. I can’t wait for it to get through it’s break in so that I can start to push more and see what it can really deliver.
So all this positive surely has to be balanced by some negatives... well I still don’t like the silver mirror caps and the doors of the coupe are a fair bit longer so getting in and out of tight parking spaces is going to be harder but if these two things are the only things I can find to moan about I think I’m on to a winner.
Thanks for reading.
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Re: Initial m240i thoughts.

Post by Matthaus »

Well mirror caps are easily changed, and dropping the windows as you get out can make it a lot lot easier :D

You are right though, it is a great car and you'll learn how in time that auto is massively better than you think it is now - once you are run in.

I love how adaptive suspension changes the feel of the car with the stiffness and added steering weight - suspension and auto are 2 things I will always spec again now :)
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Re: Initial m240i thoughts.

Post by dweino »

Nice write up.

Funny how sun roofs were very much “in” a long time ago then fell out of fashion. I was always warned to stay away because of leaks / rust etc.

But having looked a few cars with sun roofs I find myself wanting one and it’s definitly an option I’ll be going for when I change car .
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Re: Initial m240i thoughts.

Post by Tiberius »

Oh gez. You now have me regret not speccing a sunroof for letting more noise into the cabin.
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Re: Initial m240i thoughts.

Post by marco_polo »

Sounds like a nice machine. :thumbs:

My mirror caps got sprayed body-colour pretty quickly!
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