Rear Subframe Part Number help needed.

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Rear Subframe Part Number help needed.

Post by PJR »

I'm looking for a replacement rear subframe for my 2006 118d M Sport 5 door and, according to RealOEM, I need part number 33316783713.

Unfortunately, most used subframes I've seen with this part number seem equally grotty, probably due to the age, but I've seen a few for sale with part numbers 33316783714 and 33316783715 which seem to be in pretty good nick (Global Parts UK seem to have a decent quantity on Ebay).

Can anyone give a definitive answer to the question of which subframes will definitely fit my car?

Many thanks in anticipation.

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Re: Rear Subframe Part Number help needed.

Post by Rustle »

There is a part number search in realoem. The 314 fits only a 120d. The 315 fits a 118d lci model, but there must be differences if it’s not quoted for your car. It’s rarely wrong.

Oddly, your part number is the same as the 130i, which I know also fits some from some e90 models as I’ve fitted one. Did you check out the compatible vehicles list on real oem? It’s below the part number - click on each one and tells you specific models that is fitted to.

I have a spare 130i subframe if you’re after one. 75k car. Pm if interested.

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