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Over Revving when changing up a gear

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:45 pm
by Unreal688
Right. Ive got a manual 140i, Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but when Im giving it the beans sometimes when I change up the car keeps revving even though my foot is off the throttle pedal completley. So the clutch is down and the car still revs and it sounds awful. Like when you miss the gear. Once back in gear and back on the throttle its fine. Its like the cars not responding to me lifting off the throttle quick enough. Sounds stupid I know but it is annoying me. I had a manual 135 before this and that never did anything like that.

Re: Over Revving when changing up a gear

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:19 pm
by JeffH
Just found this thread, I have exactly the same issue with my January 2017 M140i.
Mine started it after we had the crappy software update to cure the dreaded exhaust rattle done last week.
It went back to Coopers BMW in Reading yesterday to have the original software reinstated, but my son drove it earlier and said he changed up at about 4500rpm & the car decided to over rev above 7000 rpm!
We are going to the dealer this Saturday to have a rant in the showroom, BMW are a total shambles, wish I never purchased the stupid car. :starwars:
Let me know if you ever resolved your issue, and of course I will do the same if a miracle happens and BMW fixes the problem.