Auto Gear position indication lights not working

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Auto Gear position indication lights not working

Post by Miksu » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:21 pm

Post topic sounds like it could be simple. Read on and decide.

I have a 123d (2008 build) with Sport Auto transmission.

I downshift all the time using the paddles on the steering wheel (helped me get 65k plus on the original pads).

After downshifting to where I want to be I am effectively in Manual, so I push the gear lever to the left into Sport/Manual and then pull it back towards me to return to boring old Drive (D).

This no longer works - and the light which indicates whether you are in P, R, N, or D has stopped working at the same time.

Any ideas on either front? A dirty sensor inside the gaiter - wild guess as have no real knowledge of how it might all work.



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