electrical/software issue?

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electrical/software issue?

Post by danieldd » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:44 pm

Hi guys,

I have bought a 2004 BMW E87 120d Sport about a week ago... The problems are unfortunately piling up.
I started to think there must be some generic software or electrical problem with my car.

1. The car came with 1 key plus 1 fob for ignition. The fob unfortunately doesn't open/close the car - only starts the engine, time to time unlocks the car with pressing a button though. really strange. Initially I thought this is the battery, sadly I can't replace the battery just yet as it's iron soldered in the fob shell. (the car doesn't seems like charging the battery)

2. The parking sensors front and rear are absolutely dead, there is a button on the dash which doesn't even active - no green light or whatsoever, not even parking sensor failure signal. completely dead.

3. on the cd player unit if I try to connect mp3 player via AUX nothing happens. there is no aux option.

4. DTC seems to be dead as the button doesn't switch on/off either.

Please let me know if you guys experienced similar issues and please advise how to fix or where to start to investigate.

Thank you!

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