2005 E87 130i - overheating

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Re: 2005 E87 130i - overheating

Post by BiggestNizzy » Fri May 25, 2018 12:59 pm

Engine / Motor
Fault Code: 002E84
Fault Explanation:null.nullOJ,null@inullnullnull.nullnullnullN
Fault Code: 002E83
Fault Explanation:nullnull:null-nullJVnullFnullK@Xnull0Q
Fault Code: 002D06
Fault Explanation:2OnullJnullnull.nnullnullnullVnullw2zf

Air conditioning
Fault Code: 009C6C
Fault Explanation::Spritzduesenheizung / 12V output peripheral / Monitor AUC supply / 12V Supply stepper motor / reference switch / steering column adjustment motor / reserve 4 / Current Sense for AUC supply / heating / 12V supply peripherals

Car Communication Computer CCC
Fault Code: 00E1D2
Fault Explanation::0xE1D2: DME transmitter failure / A device has been switched off due to overtemperature (Error Temp Shutdown) /Shutdown due to overtemperature (Error Tempshutdown).
Fault Code: 00E1D1
Fault Explanation::Long and / or frequent Unlocks (Error Unlock Long). / 0xE1D1: DSC transmitter failure

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