E87 116i 08 oil pressure warning lights

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E87 116i 08 oil pressure warning lights

Post by rgws » Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:59 am

Hey, first post so please be gentle...

My 116i keeps showing a red oil pressure warning light on long trips, usually after it's done 100 miles or so in the day (even if it's had a break in the middle).

It's had diagnostics run by a specialist who found 30c1 codes on the three instances the light had shown up. They replaced the oil pressure sensor and solenoid (the latter came apart in his hand as he was removing it...) since that work, the warning reappeared yesterday.

BMW even did some of the recall work on it yesterday and didn't find any issues, on the trip back was when the warning presented.

I've driven the car plenty since the work, warning only seems to come up when it's been running for a while and it disappears when I stop the engine, won't reappear for a while after I drive on!

My better half seems to think that the warning only appears when she kicks or knees the glove box door! Whilst it's a bit of a stretch, she did demonstrate this whilst the car was doing 70 down the m5.. seems like a weird coincidence to me

What could be the problem, and am I safe to drive the thing ~50 miles home, to the garage that did the original work?

Cheers in advance

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