Poor fuel consumption ... old software update

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Poor fuel consumption ... old software update

Post by Paggy1084 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 7:27 pm

Good evening
I currently hate my car! I've got a m140 may 18 build. It's averaging 20mpg and thats in eco pro driving like an old man. My previous 140 was june 17 build and that one did 32+ mpg. I've got from 350+ miles a tank to 220. Apparently exactly the same car pre PPF models, same driver same route and same fuel (costco 99ron) i do 20 miles round trip to work mixture of roads and motorway.
I used to actually driving my old one.. enjoying the power and handling.
This one I can't afford to as it seems to just dump fuel. I've had it back to bmw Friday just gone and they said there is nothing wrong with the car and have blamed it on the weather conditions.. how can this be if I've had it since September do its not been bad this whole time.
I explained to them that im Comparing to a previous 140 ive had so how can there be such a drastic change. They did the new update and told me to see how it goes.
I am wondering if it is possible to put an old update on it from around june 17 to when my car was mint. As to me this is the only difference that there is between the cars other than my new one being a shadow edition.
It's wreaking my head and makes me hate driving the thing.
Can anyone ahead somw light on to this please.
I've wrote about this on a fb page and others are getting 400+ out of a tank and they have stage 1 maps n mpe exhaust.
I seem to be on my own with the p*ss poor fuel consumption.
Cheers guys

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