N53 Misfire Problem (Not 1 Series)

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N53 Misfire Problem (Not 1 Series)

Post by aaronblack »

Hey guys,

I do apologise for posting a non 1 series engine here (N53) however as I've had some great advise for my 125i (N52) here I thought perhaps somebody could help me with my 3 series!

So I've been having a misfire (29CE & 29D9) cylinder 2, I swapped out all coils so 6 with 1, 5 with 2 and 4 with 3 and after clearing and scanning the car I'm still getting cylinder 2 misfire.

All spark plugs look dry (have ordered 6 so will replace these soon) but they look dry and the coils are dry too; apart from the oil leak pointed out in the picture attached, don't know what part of the engine that is.

Am I right in thinking cylinder 2 needs a new injector providing I still get the code after changing the spark plugs too?

I have uploaded a video too, which a strange knocking sound! This is the first time hearing this not sure if its related to the misfire etc.

Appreciate any tip/help!


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