Car Detailing for Newbies

How to look after your paintwork

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Car Detailing for Newbies

Post by KaneW1 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:01 pm

This is going to sound, more than likely, quite stupid.
So Please bare with me, and don't be too mad at a 18 Y/O with a new found love for Cars.
I Used to drive a 63 Plate Ford KA. Wasn't big into cars and it got me from A to B.
Being a 18 Year old lad I wanted something flashy, for my age.
I Turned to the 1 Series as I Was torn between a BMW & Merc, the insides of the A Class though is seriously tacky in my opinion.
Anyway, previously I literally used to clean with either DIY Hand Car Wash at a Petrol Station (Morrisons, Tesco etc etc) or id just use Water & Some crappy brand of car washing soap my dad uses for his companies work vans.
Now, after 10 days of driving my new 116d. It is in desperate need of a good clean.
I am basically looking for a realistically priced & easy to learn Detailing kit/method.
Yeah, there is plenty of guides on Youtube, on how to detail etc. but theyre all very vague or not really aimed towards quite literally car washing newbies.
Anyone have any advice for me on this front. Not exactly expecting a Factory Detail Standard but atleast a Squeaky, Shiny Clean.

Again, Sorry if i sound like a bit of a melon.
Any Product Recommendations/Newbies guide to detailing will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers in advance. :D :D
2017 BMW 116d Sport. Stage 1 Remap Incoming.

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Re: Car Detailing for Newbies

Post by WannabeaQuandt » Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:08 pm

The link above has all the info you need mate.

You'll hopefully get more knowledgeable suggestions but I would advise the following;

Rinse car with jet wash/strong hose

Wash using microfibre mitt, start from the top one panel at a time. Use two buckets, one with your (PH neutral) shampoo and the second to rinse your wash mitt.

Rinse car off using an open hose and pat dry with a large microfibre towel remembering to start from the top again.

Wash wheels using a different mitt after you've rinsed the car off.

From this point you can obviously leave it, decontaminate (clay bar, iron fall out remover, tar remover etc) then polish the paint and finally seal in your hard work with a wax or a sealant or just top up your wax/sealant.

Hope this helps, good luck deciding on products. FWIW I use Dodo juice basics of bling shampoo, auto finesse tripple polish and Sonax brilliant shine retailer as my sealant. Good idea to protect the wheels as well once clean, for that I use Fk1000p.
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Re: Car Detailing for Newbies

Post by Boombap » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:54 pm

I'd recommend washing the wheels first :)

Bilt hamber auto wheel is a good cleaner.
2006 130i manual :)

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Re: Car Detailing for Newbies

Post by Kerr » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:50 pm

You posted the same thread yesterday. ... 2#p1324842

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