New Customer (Under 25)

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New Customer (Under 25)

Post by Toonshorty » Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:15 pm

Having been slapped with a hefty hike in premium for renewal with my existing insurer (Elephant), I was on the search for something a bit more reasonable.

The cheapest result on comparison sites was £1030 with Hastings, which wasn't particularly great either.

I spoke to another specialist insurer before Sky but they insisted I was 25 before they would cover me (I'm 23), so I didn't have much hope at this point - especially after Sky's online quote system said they couldn't give me a quote I would need to call.

But at the thought of paying over £1000 for insurance, I figured I may as well give it ago and spoke to Luke, who was super helpful and a fellow petrol head, and after running through all the details the quote that came out was a very reasonable £790.

So in the end I've saved £350 and have a policy that is far more mod friendly than what I've had in the past - so no complaints so far!
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