Storage Solutions for 2nd set of wheels & tyres

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Storage Solutions for 2nd set of wheels & tyres

Post by msej449 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:35 pm

For those of you with sets of wheels/tyres that you need to store e.g. winters/summers, this thread is aimed to show some storage solutions if you want to minimise space consumed in your garage. Please add your solution - this isn't meant to be definitive or to imply that this is the best way to store stuff.

The advantage of this solution below is that the tyre tread doesn't sit on anything, so doesn't need rotating to avoid a flat spot. You can get longer brackets, presumably to store the wheels with the outside facing out. I opted for shorter ones only because my walls are almost 100 years old, and I was nervous about putting too much leverage on the longer brackets.

Price: £12.74 set of 4 incl. postage
Retailer: eBay
Manufacturer: dealinthebox, China
Name: 4pcs Car Tyre Wheel Wall Mounted Rack Storage Holder Stand Bracket Heavy Duty
URL: ( ... 0642.m3226
Comment: These have two heavy duty screws per bracket as opposed to others with only one.
Tools: Hammer drill; 10mm Tungsten Carbide drill bit* (9mm if your walls are very friable); level; tape measure; small spanner for screw-bolts; marker pen/pencil.
Tips: Mount wheels above car's door sill level if adjacent to car, to enable easier door opening. Wheels sit 2-3cm more radius below the bracket than above. Avoid mounting too high up the wall given need to lift/lower wheels if standing on the floor. Better to have 2 people lifting. When drilling in poor masonry drill the 1st hole and tamp in the Rawlplug first, before marking and drilling the 2nd. hole (more chance of correct alignment!).

Bracket fixed to wall with two heavy-duty bolt screws (covered by a plastic caps). Supplied with a sticky-backed foam strip placed on top of the bracket (not shown in the photo').

Bracket with cardboard to protect the face of the alloys and extra foam (a short piece of pipe insulation) on the top of the arm:

4x brackets on the wall with 2 wheels. Top pair is at a height where two people can lift the wheel up if standing on the floor.

Final setup. Bottom pair of wheels are high enough to allow the door to open.
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