Do my LED bulbs need resistor ballast in Depo v1?

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Do my LED bulbs need resistor ballast in Depo v1?

Post by Bunford » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:32 am

I have just bought a set of Depo v1 headlights for my 2005 E87. I have also purchased a xenon white 16 x T5 LED kit for the rings. I have popped out the halogen ring bulbs and put in the LED ones.

I have also purchased two pairs of Nighteye H7 LED bulbs with Philips Lumileds to install to have the ring and lights light up as a crisp 6000-6500k LED light. These are the H7 bulbs I have purchased: ... 0w-10000lm

The LED ring bulbs were a bit of a pain to push back in due to limited space and also had issues with the projector bulb. The hole for the bulb has jagged edges and the glass cylinder of the Nighteye H7 LED bulb would not fit through. That meant I had to disassemble the projector mount and take out as well as remove the cap and glass cylinder of the LED to be able to slide in and then reattach from the reflector side of the projector bulb mount.

Needless to say, it was all a bit of a pain and need to resolve what I can before installing on the car.

The Nighteye LED bulbs come with a ballast but not too clear what it does. Therefore, just wondering if the bulb is fine to clip straight into the Depo harness or do I need to buy something like these to put in between the Depo harness and the Nighteye ballast: TUINCYN 2pcs 50W 8 ohm H7 Led Load Resistors Connector Fix Headlight Turn Signal Bulb Daytime Running Lights Fog Lamp Car Lighting Error Free Canceller Capacitor Decoder Wire ... tAbY0GWWAN

Also, does anybody know what cables are the positive on the two bulbs connector clips on the Depo v1 harness?
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