Dervtech/General remap question

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Dervtech/General remap question

Post by racey1979 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 3:59 pm

Hi all,

Would be interested to hear from anyone who has had their B58 mx40i remapped at Dervtech. Mine was done a while ago and also had the zf8 mapped as well which is their own in-house map rather than xhp. I have been mostly happy with it, it mapped to 435bhp with no other mods and it does feel like it. However there are certain situations that I am disappointed in the power delivery. Normal day to day driving is fine, I can't tell a difference over stock. Also on a nice long open road, boot down WOT is also fine, nice smooth, linear relentless power. However, I am not so happy when driving/accelerating briskly, 60 - 80% throttle for example. A good example is a long bypass/A road with a lot of roundabouts. Under brisk acceleration the gear changes are very prominent, there is a very annoying hesitation between gears to the point I feel my head move forward. It's definitely not the smoothness I am used to and what this drivetrain is well known for. It's at low to medium speeds under acceleration when it's the worst, it improves as I get going and starts to stretch it's legs. This is definitely not a traction issue, it does this on a warm day with bone dry roads. Starting to do my head in now as it's this type of driving I do the most, i.e making good progress and utilising the power but not full on hooligan mode. I thought it might be the zf8 map. However I flashed back to stock quite recently (engine map not gearbox) and it improved the issue massively, it felt a lot smoother when driving like this. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience ? Including anyone who has any other remap/bm3/mhd etc etc


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