N55 M235i Stage 1 or 2?

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N55 M235i Stage 1 or 2?

Post by 123HJMS »

Hi guys,

Had my car booked in for a stage 1 map at MSL in Birmingham but I'm tempted to hold off and get a decat downpipe installed then possibly go stage 2.

My question is would you guys go stage 2 without an intercooler? Just a panel filter and decat would be in place.

I'm also concerned about the exhaust note with the decat fitted. I already have a PCW exhaust mod and it pops/cracks as it is ... worried with a decat it would just get stupid.

Would would you guys do? Stick to stage 1 or push back the map and get a decat to go straight to stage 2 but without an upgraded intercooler?


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Re: N55 M235i Stage 1 or 2?

Post by nastypoker »

Stage 1 for me. I like to stay legal and a decat ain't that.

Also can't recommend MHD enough. Map from home, safe as anything and you can go stage 1 or 2 or back to stock at your leisure. Also you have full control of exhaust pops and burbles.
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Re: N55 M235i Stage 1 or 2?

Post by marco_polo »

Decats are a massive PITA as they fail the MOT every year. They also make your car 'unroadworthy', so technically you'd be uninsured.

I'd go with a Sports cat, upgraded intercooler, upgraded charge pipes, and a stage 2 map. Going for 1 then 2 just seems like good money after bad.
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