Bluespark tuning box for diesels

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Bluespark tuning box for diesels

Post by l8rns » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:39 pm

Hi Guys

Im looking at a blue spark tuning box for my old girl..

Shes a 2002 330d (184bhp) 5 speed manual with 146k.

Now shes 15 years old with not so low miles.

I want a nice tune to make it feel abit more alive and certanly i dont want it to be smoking the road out due to overfuel etc.

I want something that wont quickly wear down turbos, injectors, clutches ,fuel pumps etc etc and something that isnt going to cost me a arm and leg in repairs as shes getting on abit.

They do a couple of boxes aswell so im really unsure what route to take.

Has anyone used a bluespark box on a diesel and what are there reviews?

I know afew people have them on the m140s etc.

Any advice will be appriciated.

Many Thanks

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