bootmod3 stage 1 logs M135i EWG

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bootmod3 stage 1 logs M135i EWG

Post by AndrewR » Tue May 01, 2018 9:58 am


Recently flashed with BM3 Stage 1 93 on my M135i N55 EWG.

Car doesn't' feel massively different, bum dyno says a handful more HP but mid-range torque feels much improved.

I've put full logs up here if someone more knowledgeable can let me know if everything looks good, did a little normal driving around and 1-2 WOT runs mainly 3/4/5 gears. I've looked at timing across cylinders and knock sensor and I *think* they are good

I also think the logging was interrupted for a period as the engine maintains exactly the same RPM for 2-3 seconds then suddenly jumps 2000rpm in 0.1 seconds! ... 0&data=3-6

Pato Elosua
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Re: bootmod3 stage 1 logs M135i EWG

Post by Pato Elosua » Wed May 09, 2018 6:08 am

Hey man, sorry to answer with something different, but I'm keen to know. Have you tried the burble setting on your car? If so, what is your exhaust/DP set up? Do you happen to have a video?

Looking forward to getting the Bootmod3 soon!

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