118D Sport 2009 Remap (Remapper reference?)

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118D Sport 2009 Remap (Remapper reference?)

Post by GrizzlyP » Thu May 17, 2018 7:26 pm

Hi all,

recently purchased my other half a BMW 118D (E81) Sport 2009. The car is in good condition for it's age, has a full service history and currently sits at 114k on the miles.

I've been considering having a remap done for her (mainly for my own enjoyment :D ) but thought I would post here before committing. Advice posted here will determine if I go through with the remap.

I'm sure you guys get half a dozen of the same questions per week, but is the remap worth it given the cars mileage? I don't want to think that the turbo will be KO'd in 3 months or something disastrous goes wrong elsewhere.

I'm looking at having the remap done at Dynoremaps in Middlesbrough/Stockton in the North East of England, could anybody advise if it's a reputable mapper?

Apologies if this thread has been covered a gazillion and one times, my mechanical knowledge of motor vehicles is next to none and I'd rather double check with the experts on here before jumping in to a pit of proverbial sh*t.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

best regards,


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Re: 118D Sport 2009 Remap (Remapper reference?)

Post by jason@bwchiptune » Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:52 pm

We have been remapping these 118d 143bhp since the 1st week they were sold in the uk

Back then we had a customer who test drove a 120d then brought a 118d as they were £5000 cheaper only to find he hated the way it drove
He then found us a gave us the keys and asked if we could make it go like a 120d
We ended up with 187bhp after we tuned it and drove better than a 120d 177bhp

Now days we normally see 190-198bhp on our dyno with an extra 100ft of torque


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BMW key blades cut from BMW key code.
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Correction of Engine ECUs Cas and key fitted to your car (when a key set from a different car has been used).
Digital Service Records rest and corrections in idrive screen on 2013 onwards cars.
DPF repairs fixed without the need of removal of its guts or replacement.
40% of my work is repairing the problems that are caused by other tuners remap

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